Welcome to KEARWE - The Kabale (UGANDA) based organization, working with the rural community to effect sustainable development through nature conservation.

KEARWE (UGANDA) is a community Based Organization in the east African state of Uganda. It operates in the western region of the country in Kabale district of the former greater Kigezi, covering the counties of Rukiga, Rubanda, Ndorwa and Kabale municipality. The organization was constituted in 2006 and registered on 29th of June 2007 with the initial address at Rukiga county, Rwamucucu sub-county, Ibumba Parish under the Kabale District council resolution minute no.4/2003(C) under Community Based Organizations registration no.830.

Dwindling environmental resources

The Kigezi land is no longer fertile. The forest cover is depleted, the wetlands are drained and there is general scarcity of resources for meaningful survival. This has resulted in poor yields which are not able to support families leave alone generating sufficient income for them.

Illiteracy of the girl child

Whenever there are constraints in the communities, the first line of options considered is biased against the girl children. This explains why there is usually a high school dropout rate of the girl children. These are most times married off at tender ages creating a generation of unbaked or half baked mothers who in turn do not consider education as a priority.